New Standard of Medical Care Through Innovation


A one stop shop of all basic patient telemetry.

The integrated telemetry is "poured" into MedicTouch


medical decision support algorithm and real-time communication that enables remote sensing, monitoring and treatment.


the Integrated data is processed by MedicTouch and translated into medical action thanks to the MDT integrated treatment devices

MedicTouch is a technology company specializing in biotechnology health solutions, introducing cutting-edge space technology to the healthcare community, Including patients, physicians, first responders and emergency medical teams, as well as sports, wellness and homecare providers

MedicTouch's MDT (Monitor-Decide-Treat) core technology is the first system that combines well-being, health and medical Internet of Things (IoT) applications, using "If This Then That" (IFTTT) concept. MedicTouch's MDT system integrates current medical monitoring devices with a full range of medical treatment solutions.